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One Year Older and Wiser Too...

B I R T H D A Y S That silly little day that comes around once a year that everyone makes such a big deal out of.  So this year my birthday really snuck up on me. Usually I'll have a countdown running by mid-April, but this time around my birthday didn't seem quite so special. Turning 18 is golden, you're finally an adult. A grown up. One of the "big kids". But 19 feels kind of like a tease, you're almost into your twenties, but you still have a whole year before you get there. As most of you already know, I am heading out to Utah soon (in approximately 3.5 weeks) to start my Summer Term at BYU. I've had all of my focus and attention on this exciting new adventure that I totally spaced the day of my birth! But none the less it was fantastic! I woke up early and was very productive (which is a miracle by itself), then spent a lovely birthday dinner with my family at Brio, and attended a "surprise" birthday party where we sat around a fire,

There and Back Again... literally.

So I am fully aware that I am blatantly stealing the title of The Hobbit, but it just fits my situation so perfectly that I had to... Well as mentioned in my previous post I was becoming more committed to the idea of staying here over the summer and just working until I leave back up to school. But with the start of a new job comes a new attitude. This past weekend I had just started my employment with a local daycare, and I thought that I would absolutely love it. I had gone there way back when I was only a small nugget. But to my surprise and dismay I wholly disliked the job (that's putting it lightly). The people were great and the kids fun, but I just felt stuck. My thoughts regarding my job there were jumbled and lost, and it didn't sit right with me. Then I could feel myself drifting back to the idea of attending BYU in June for summer semester. As much as I was trying to keep my outlook of Henderson positive, I will openly admit to wanting to get away. I felt like I was