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hey there valentines. I hope joy and love was had by all! my Vday was spent in the company of the best girls a gal could have. we greeted the day a little past noon and decided that although we are all bf-less we could still dress up and go out, because Galentines is a VERY real thing!! we enjoyed dinner at a teriyaki grill, but sat at the restaurant for 20+ minutes without drinks BECAUSE THE WAITRESS FORGOT WE WERE THERE. ouch. Like sure the place was full, but the couples aren't more important than the 3-way girl date sitting in the corner... next to do on our list of festivities was a movie at 10:50 but by the time the clock chimed 10:30 Alice and I were more than content to stay home and cuddle on the couch, and Lam didn't mind in the we finished the night off watching George Lopez reruns with some guy-pals and snackin on midnight cereal. And if the day ends with midnight cereal you know for sure you did something right.

ootd: so with love-day in mind I tho…

three six five and then some.

you know that lack of feeling? that completely desolate moment where indifference reigns king? I had that. It was at precisely 12:19 this morning. It came with the chime of a text message. The sender was one who's status in my books had been troubled to say the least.
once upon a time that sender had emoticons decorating their name, as time ebbed on the emojis were erased and the name was left naked; finally when the name itself was too much to bear a single syllable word took it's place entirely. i remember when the chime would come and with it excitement and lip-bitten smiles. i remember when those smiles faded to furrowed brows and a grimace of disdain and I remember when that was all replaced with clenched fists, & silence was the only response you'd get from me. I had been a passenger aboard your emotionally traumatic train, all the while you had never told me the destination. and then came the exhaustion.
I never knew that exhaustion and defeat would come. it didn&…


a Saturday afternoon spent behind and in front of the lens.

xoxo hails.