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Daytime Wanderer

A cozy outfit for a semi overcast day.

this thing called growing up

So Im leaving to college in t-minus 12 days and I honestly believe that Im about to give myself a stomach ulcer due to the amount of stress and freaking out that Im undergoing. I am so scared to leave home and experience life on my own, but on the other hand I know that its time for me to hop out of the nest and fly. My older sister Taylor is now a junior at UNLV, but she still lives at home so I will be the first child to move out. This is so incredibly foreign to me because my entire life I've looked up to Taylor and followed in her footsteps. She is an amazing example I can always learn from the decisions that she's made. I also have 2 younger sisters who look up to Taylor, because Taylor is the eldest and she is so responsible, focused and determined. I am on the opposite side of the spectrum and can be compared to a dandelion. Always swaying in the wind and letting the breeze take me wherever it wishes. So to be leaving home first is something that I am super anxious for.

{Let's Get Away}

So this past saturday I had the wonderful opportunity to take a much needed trip to the beach. Huntington to be specific. And I was expecting to be greeted by sunshine and the cool salty breezes from the waves. But instead I was welcomed by cold fog and dreary skies. This trip was my one last hurrah before I move up to snowy Idaho for college, and let me tell you the weather kinda threw a wet blanket on my mood. the cloudy weather of cali.  So with a semi heavy heart we decided to go shopping on the pier instead. We passed countless kiosks selling food, piercings, and henna tats, but I had only one thing in mind. The famed California republic sweatshirt. After an hour or so of passing through shop after shop we found a store selling said sweatshirts for only..drumroll..... $30! And I have to say that I was so excited because I was about to pay $45 for a subpar lifeguard hoodie. Me, Jules, Liz, & Erin So as you remember Joe moved to California for college so I was happi


So yep. Its final. Joe is actually gone. So he left tuesday morning for college and even after our last hug and kiss I still didn't feel upset. BUT within the first few hours of him leaving I felt this strong feeling of abandonment and nostalgia. I have spent almost every waking moment with him this summer and to sit at home alone with nothing to do was something I was definitely not used to. So I did what any emotional teenage girl would do. I watched The Notebook and kept company with a bowl full of chocolate covered strawberries. Then with a stomach ache and swollen eyes I decided that I needed to do something other than feel sorry for myself. So I laced up my tennis shoes and went for a run into the sunset. And I can proudly say that I ran the entire time.... all 15 minutes of it. I had forgotten how much running cleared my head and how amazing it made me feel. So with a clear mind I decided that I needed to be happy for him. AND to make my night he facetimed me right before be

Emotionally Detached and Resolved

So my boyfriend *Joe and I have been dating now for a happy 3 months. It's been a great summer hanging out with him nearly every day, but as summer comes to an end I wonder, will our relationship end too? We started "talking" near the close of my senior year and started dating right before graduation. Our relationship was more fun and laughter than hardcore romance and when we rarely talked about our future together we spoke of parting as happy friends. Then our kisses became longer and our feelings became deeper. And with those three words I knew I couldn't live without him. *Joe had been pretty popular in high school so he had dated a ton of girls before me. (I'm #11) So I was kinda insecure in the relationship because I knew how skinny and beautiful all his exes were, when for me *Joe was my first boyfriend so I had no one to compare him to. These demons would live on my shoulder and taunt me with the idea that I didn't measure up to his past girlfriends. I