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meet a mormon (me).

This past week I had the wonderful opportunity to go see the church sponsored film, Meet The Mormons. The documentary follows the lives of six Mormons (Latter Day Saints) and their families through their day to day lives, and to show the world what makes Mormons tick.  I absolutely loved the movie and encourage everyone that hasn't had the chance to see it, to go! At the opening of the film a woman was questioning people on the streets of New York City as to what they knew about Mormons. Their answers were both comical and intriguing. Their perceptions of members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints were based on hearsay, the media, and Mormons that they knew. It astounded me that so many people have the wrong idea about Mormons. Then I realized that they're simply learning from our example. It scares me to think that I might be the only LDS a person ever meets in their life. and what if I'm not representing the church in the right light?! Unfo

fall-time favorites.

YAYYY! It's finally autumn and finally my favorite season! There's just something so nostalgic about fall-time that really resonates with my heart.  The cool crispness in the morning chill and the watery sunlight just makes me swoon. The kind of happy that this season brings to me is just incomparable! and my fun fall-time favorites are as follows: to do: BE OUTSIDE. The weather is so mild and perfect for a sweater. You don't have to worry about collapsing from heat-stroke and the chill won't bite through the cable knit! So far I've been able to carve pumpkins, sit in the rain, hot tub, and go for a motorcycle ride. I'm just so in love with the beauty that comes with the inescapable death of summer. to drink: You think I'd say PSL (a pumpkin spice latte for all you non-basic girls) but I'm actually loving orange hot chocolate right now. If you've ever had the pleasure of devouring a Christmas chocolate orange, then you'll know i

fires & friends & mallows.

For our first official FHE activity we decided to head out to Beaver Dick ( a little campsite along the edge of the Snake River) and have a bonfire and do a bit of bonding. Unfortunately not all of our bros were able to make it out due to homework and girlfriends, but we still love them dearly despite the fact they abandoned us. just kidding.  but really. So we started a fire. Actually our Eagle Scout Brothers had to start it because Rileigh and I are completely incapable of starting one without the help of a little gasoline. Next came the mallows. Last semester we had gone on a date to Beaver Dick and made s'mores and our dates had the ingenious idea of roasting a mallow and sandwiching it between two Keebler cookies. OH MY DELICIOUS. So we recreated those little beauties and had a ball.  When our fire died down someone had the fantastic idea to tromp through the wilderness and do some "moonlight exploring". Okay exploring turned out to be us running and hiding betwee