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growing pains.

I've been having growing pains. Not the physical ones, but the ones that are forcing me to stretch 
beyond my bubble of familiarity. They're of the emotional sort; pushing me to adapt and become 
accustomed to a paradoxical norm. Those pesky pains inflict a hollow, emotional ache that floods my 
chest as I longingly look back at still-beating memories. Change and growth are inevitable but I 
haven't quite learned how to appreciate the moment. That short moment where everyone is all smiles, 
devoid of concern and blissfully unaware of the fact that the happiness will fade. People grow up and 
grow apart, and that close-knit fellowship will cease to exist. But in that moment it's alive. It's pulsing 
with an energy unseen, an energy that infuses inside jokes, pillow talks, and wordless looks. It's an 
energy that dismally dims with time. Oh, but how I miss it.


You kinda have this idea of who you're going to be, and then things change and life gets in the way, and you're not the person you thought you'd be. Would you have been happier had you been "the idea of who you were going to be"? Or would you be in fact more miserable than you are as the person you turned out to be? I'd ask someone else, but misery doesn't  really love company.