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main street makings.

p.s. this lil' ole theater is the cutest thing in town. as made clear by my last post, winter has made its appearance here in the Burg! so by default the thick cardigans and tights have emerged from the depths of my closet. This is a cozy warm outfit perfect for the crisp morning chill that (unfortunately) accompanies early morning church. The faux leather shoulders add a bit of sass to the knit sweater, and I can't get enough! But I love these heels because they have enough traction on the bottom to keep me from slipping on ice or snow. Praise. Once the cold weather rolls around, maxi skirts become ubiquitous throughout the chapel halls. So in an effort to stand out amongst my long-skirted sisters, I made the brave decision and opted for a shorter hem and thick tights. And the outcome may you ask? I WAS WARM. also I had the benefit of not dragging my Sunday best through the brownish snow. I impart this tidbit of personal wisdom to you all. More tips on surviving an icy

when it snows.

as pretty as the snow is...I wish I could say I like it more. My Vegas roots make me crave the dry heat and sizzling sun...this white powder is a game changer and might take some time getting used to. xoxo hails. christmas pines>>>  the cutest canadian kisses, duhhhhh sweater: h&m necklace: made by mary

the buzz is coming.

to the performers who wandered the floor and blessed us with your talents, thank you.  this weekend my roommate and I had the privilege of attending the Reveal of The Buzz hosted by the Hive Connection at the Natural History Museum. wow what a mouthful. To say it was the social media event of the season is an understatement! It was a dream to be able to put voices and personalities behind the faces of men and women who have such an impact on all the various social media platforms. Standing there talking and laughing with the Devines, "ooh-ing" and "ahh-ing" over Mandi Nelson's incredible photog skills, shouting to @emmavidmar across the museum, and running down two flights of stairs because sofia SWORE she saw  +Cara Van Brocklin . In heels. (by the way it wasn't her...) But it all was totally worth it, especially to be present with a hundred or so other people, connecting and forming friendships. There's something so cool about seeing virtual bonds

open when...

recently on Pinterest I've been seein g the "open when letters" pin float around. The idea is to write letters to your significant other, and on the envelopes title them "open when you're sad", "open when you're mad at me", "open when you miss me", "open when you're in the mood for a taco ", etc... okay just kidding on that last one. But seriously when my roommates and I first saw it we all let out a collective and appreciate "aweeeee" and our hands fluttered to our chest due to the sudden catching of feels. The second time I saw it, it was still cute. But the third time I saw it all I could think of was how much time and effort would have had to gone into that arduous letter-writing task. How many 'I love yous' and 'remember whens' can you put into a stack of letters before you've run out of words to say? Obviously this is why I'm not in a relationship because I rarely know what to