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second chances and chances and chances.

If I were to swear on the Bible facing an audience of unfamiliar witnesses, I would attest to my character flaw of interpersonal expectations. My fanciful mind is utterly incapable of retaining lessons learned. It’s as if a wave of amnesia has swept away the memories of disappointment and disillusionment and left an empty canvas; ready to be repainted with a lesson that just refuses to adhere. I have a knack of throwing out chances to the undeserving; the ones that I know are sure to let me down. I can’t help it really. I am a deluded optimist at heart; earnestly wishing for change and improvement when I know none will come. I’m the kid with their fingers crossed, brow furrowed, and lip bitten; anxiously awaiting for things to go “my way”. My expectations aren’t grand in the slightest. They are usually centered on the forethought, or lack thereof, from others. Things that I assume to be common sense appear to have translated into intellect that far surpasses human courte

summer gems

I struggle with finding fun statement jewelry that is nickel-free and affordable. My skin is SO sensitive and will easily get inflamed due to the low-quality metal. I'm also not too fond of the sickly green tint left behind by cheaply produced pieces. But to find jewelry that comes straight from mother earth while still maintaining fashion-lovers' appeal? I'm sold. Leone Seeds  designs gorgeous jewelry and accessories 100% handmade in COLOMBIA with no plastic or artificial materials. Seriously how cool?! They reached out to see if I was interested, and I spent a solid day ogling their necklaces online. I'm guilty of sporting black almost everyday and figured some bright colors and prints would be a great way to give my closet a summer face-lift. The long blue set is made solely out of Tagua seeds that have been cut, shaved, and shaped (by hand!)  then dyed and assembled. I admit to swooning when I put on this turquoise dream. The laye

the words we hear.

c/o:  Sabrina Kellerman Photography I’m guilty of painting pretty pictures. Pictures of how I want my life to be viewed. I want crisp edges and smooth lines, not a defect in sight. A clear and in-focus image that everyone can praise, and my mother can be proud of. A picture that can garner Facebook “likes” and Twitter “retweets”; an image that attains the coveted “Life Goals” hash tag. Because who doesn’t want a life that can be applauded and placed front-and-center on the mantel of self-esteem? As a side effect of this deceptive exhibit of life, is the mass of people that assume they know exactly how you feel simply based off the carefully edited Instagram post. They surmise that the smile means happiness and contentment, and the success equals satisfaction and self-fulfillment. They believe the best, because the best is all that they can see. They view the performance from the front row, completely oblivious to the stress backstage behind the curtain. My frustration stem