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Mental health, who needs her? And other stupid things I said in 2018.

Enough isn't enough if I'm not doing everything. I'm not enough. I'll never get past my sleep problems. I'll be happy when... I don't have time to... I hate my body. I'm not capable. Why me? Take a look at the story I was telling myself last year. I built an inaccurate and incomplete narrative about my life by committing myself to these self-destructive thoughts. These thoughts consumed me, and I let them. They   I  stunted my happiness by hyper-focusing on all of my so-called shortcomings and not ~truly~ feeling grateful for my life. Here's the thing, I'm alive and kicking and WAY too busy to spend any time on bad energy. It's a slow journey, but I'm committing myself to being more mindful and recognizing how my thoughts are framing my perspective and actions. Don't be like 2018 Hailey, you deserve more. Happy Valentine's Day from the girl working on self love.