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well this sums it up.

So for my college English class we were given the  assignment to write a narrative essay about something that has changed us. Instantly my relationship came to mind, I knew that it was what I needed to write about. I needed to let it all out and let someone read it. So here it is, enjoy... Summertime Sadness Nick and Taylor’s relationship was the closest thing you could come to conventional. They were friends throughout their elementary years and as they made their way into high school their innocent and carefree friendship started to blossom into the possibility of something more. They went on many group dates and eventually became “official”. Nick has since left on a mission and my sister dutifully awaits his return all the while studying to become a music education major and planning the dream wedding we all know they’ll have. For Taylor this was her first relationship and first love and she knew instantly that her and Nick would be married and sealed for all eternity. I

Buckle Up

So when a guy typically says that he's looking for a bestfriend I believe him. I imagine that he wants a girl he can hang with without any commitment. I've been a guy's bestfriend before and I really like the position. It's like being his wingman. I'll listen to his girl problems and he'll listen to my boy problems. We exchange advice and both come out wiser. Never did I ever see anything happening with *Tyler. We re-met at party and decided to become best friends. We danced and partied together, and we DIDN'T GRIND. lemme tell you that is something that is definitely hard to come by. lol I could of made that so awkward.. jk ok nvmd... Moving On--> Then we swapped numbers and he walked me back to my car, actually backspace he came up behind me and put me on his should THEN he walked me to the car. What a stud. So saturday rolls around and we've made plans to do homework together. So I go over to his apartment and pull out my spanish and we get to work

in desperate need of a compass and more ticks of a clock

I struggle with the problem in life where I refuse to make decisions and then become terrified because I don't know what I want. Currently Henry is trying to pursue me but I'm so extremely afraid of being in a relationship again because mine and Joe's was not healthy whatsoever. I tried really hard to change myself into something he could love, and in the end I despised myself and everything that I had become. I'm afraid of a relationship with Henry because it could very well go south. Our friendship would be shot to hell and one of my best guy friends would be lost. Not only that but all of my friends are close with him so and so unwillingly I know they would choose my side if our relationship was left in shambles. Henry isn't typically the kind of guy I would want to marry. He isn't an RM which is frustrating but not necessarily a deal breaker. Although his testimony isn't incredibly strong I believe that I'd be able to influence him for the better. BU