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Week One

Ok. wow. I didnt realize that I haven't posted in about a week or so and sooooo much has happened! So my mom and I made the drive up to Rexburg in 3 days so that we could go shopping along the way, because I was (and still am) in dire need of more winter clothes! So Idaho is really lovely the people are friendly (mostly), the weather is nice (not anymore) and my classes are fun! (NOT) If you can't tell my first week wasn't something nice. I've been up every night doing homework til 1 in the morning, our FHE brothers and sisters are in their mid-twenties and don't want to hand out with little freshman, and to top it off Im trying to figure out what to do about my long distance ex-boyfriend.... Yep.


I feel like Im about to die. Literally these past few weeks and especially now my entire life is flashing before my eyes. I remember chasing around my kindergarden crush around the playground until he cornered me and my friends. I remember in first grade my bestfriend Kaitlyn and I would eat lunch as fast as we could so we could spend as much time playing hopscotch to our own rules. I remember when being 6 was the best thing in the entire world because all I had to worry about was getting my routine right for the school talent show. I remember getting my tonsils out in second grade. I remember having the new teacher in third grade and she never taught us cursive and it was the year I got glasses. In fourth grade I remember art class and how watercolor was something I pretended to be good at. I remember in fifth grade I swore my classmates were the best and nothing could go wrong until my best passed away. I remember sixth, seventh and eighth grade were a blur of awkward moments, weird


*starry eyed dreamer*

Box it up. Take it out.

Im in the process of cleaning out and packing up my room so occasionally Ive being finding mementos from my childhood... jk its mostly old stuff from high school. But I did find a message in a bottle from my friend Rileigh from a beach trip she went on years ago. And as I was reading the message it spoke of how we had just started to become friends and how she was excited we had classes together freshman year...... now 4 years later here we are started freshman year of college together! wow time really has passed us by.

(five days)

(trying to catch the last bit of summer sunshine)

we are golden

I have this bestfriend. We've been best friends for about 11 years, but right after Joe and I started dating it was hard for me to split up my time between my first boyfriend and my bestfriend. But this past summer I did a really bad job of keeping in touch with her and a ton of drama went down between us so I was frustrated and upset and wanted to go off to college without so much as a goodbye. I knew I had to see her again before I left so I timidly made dinner plans with her and expected the worst. I went and picked her up and right from the start we were talking like there had been nothing wrong between us. We went out to Cafe Rio and sat, talked, and ate until past closing. It all felt so natural and easy. I didn't feel uncomfortable and I realized that I had truly missed being around her. I took her home and we spent another 2 hours laughing in my car watching vines and talking about typical girl drama. With only a week before I go up to the cold icy land of Idaho, I real

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I like to think of myself as a pretty crafty person, so when I saw these frayed bleach dipped shorts I knew I had to put them on my to do list. All it takes is: *a pair of unwanted shorts *clorox bleach *white vinegar *nail file *bucket First you hang your shorts over the bucket with the legs hanging in. Make sure to leave an extra inch or two on top because the bleach will run up. Next pour in 3/4 of the bottle of bleach. Let that sit for about 30 mins. >>>>>>>>Tick. Tock.<<<<<<<<<<< After soaking rinse your shorts with the white vinegar and water. (This will stop the bleaching process) Then wash your shorts (the hem should fray a bit) and distress with the nail file to your hearts content.  And this is how mine turned out⬇💙

One of the magnificent benefits of rain.