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The Dating Diary: A 20-Year-Old's Tips On Humans You Shouldn't Date

celebrating life without you With 4 years of (sometimes uncomfortable) dating under my belt, I feel the need to share with the literate world my experiences in the "minefield of love". In this week's diary entry you will find a brief and condensed history of boys I've been around, and my thoughts of who you shouldn't date. Let me be very clear when I say that I am in no way qualified to determine the strength of another's relationship. All advice presented before you comes from personal experience and should be read as such. So here goes nothing... Part One: Hailey's History With The Opposite Sex Awkward isn't a strong enough word to describe myself around boys throughout my teenage years; more specifically high school. I had a hard time trying to read boys and was (& still is) a chronic over-thinker. I read too far into insignificant gestures and assumed that with just the right amount of outfit-planning, I could score myself a boyfr