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2 Things I've Learned About Marriage (and myself)

Besides finding out that Luke is a really warm sleeper, I've learned two very important marriage and life-related lessons. 1. Marriage isn't transformative Whoever thought that marriage would suddenly turn you into the *best* version of yourself, is a fool (@ me). Saying "I do" over the altar isn't going to transform you into the person you've always dreamed of being. It hasn't turned me into a healthy eater, someone who exercises 5x a week or into a goal-achieving megastar. It's done quite the opposite. marriage has exposed all my flaws and shortcomings and left me vulnerable. It's peeled back the facade of "having it all together" and revealed that I'm MUCH more selfish and egotistical than I believed. Now more than ever, I'm keenly aware of the parts of myself that need a little bit more fine tuning. 2. Marriage is a TEAM effort Now that we've established my selfish tendencies, you can probably picture how diffi