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wild out.

My mom has always told me that I'm super independent; even when I was a young las. I would refuse her help in the morning and would take it upon myself to choose my getup for the day. It usually resulted in mismatched socks, a slew of patterns and colors, and my Barbie backpack. Because duh it's Barbie. I took my 4 year old passion for fashion and put together an outfit full of texture. I've really been digging an urban-grunge vibe in my wardrobe lately and I gotta say the leopard spots and chunky heel really fit the bill. Vegas weather has been beyond nice to me during my winter break escape from Rexburg. I'm not quite sure I'll be prepared to go back to -10*F wind chill. No thank you. xoxo hails.

a continuation of my thankfuls and happys.

YAYYYYYYY! class is finally out and i've successfully survived my third semester as a college kid. praise. Now all that's left to do is pack up my room to move apartments and to pack to go home for the holidays! yippee! I'm seriously so stoked to have 2 weeks to veg and do a whole lot of nothing. there are so many things that I would do differently if I had the chance to start this semester over again, but on the plus side there are LOADS of things that I've learned from my dumb mistakes, and hidden gifts that I didn't realize I was blind *drumroll for effect* here are my new favorite lessons and blessin's: never ever take good professors for granted. i've had the whole spectrum of teachers, from ones who I wish would adopt me as their child to teachers who couldn't be bothered to email me back. When you have a great professor who is passionate and teaches with gusto and life, take EVERY class they offer. no joke, I've had the s

tis' the season.

with the stuffing tucked away and all the leftover turkey turned into sandwiches, it was finally time for the Christmas decorations to come out!!!! SO MUCH EXCITEMENT. The onslaught of holidays and happiness begins with Halloween and ends with a happy new years, and this time of year is hands down my favorite! The lights and treats and cold weather make me all sorts of giddy. I swear I may be 19 but the christmas spirit got me acting like I'm 4. No apology. My sister Brittany and I were charged with the responsibility of trimming the tree because one sister was at work and one was asleep. I took it upon myself to choose this year's color scheme (and I kinda based it with the color flow of our living room) which included deep reds, matte greens, frosty whites, and glitter because duhhhhhhh. As much as we loved hanging the ornaments, I think our furry feline will have more fun pawing at them from under the tree. dang cat.  xoxo hails. brittany hanging ornaments, after