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don't quit your daydream.

Ya know those dreams you keep to yourself? The ones that don't leave the pages of your journal, or maybe even the corners of your mind? The little pinky promises that we've made with ourselves. Those are the dreams that have me staring off into the distance, contemplating my options, thinking and rethinking my decisions, and constantly having me feel as if I'm standing at a crossroads without a guide. The dreams that keep me trekking on, seemingly blind; just moving forward.  When we're young we're asked what our "dream" is; whether it's a career choice, an adventure, or life goal. Unlike most little girls, becoming a princess wasn't at the top of my priorities. I was captivated with the idea of becoming an astronaut because I was enraptured with the secrets of the stars, and was beyond convinced that I could fly myself to heaven. no joke. As I got older my dreams changed but were never constant. Lately I've been watching my life like

life update.

third week in. As everyone else starts a new semester today; I've just gotten into the swing of things with my classes. So far this semester seems like a good one, but I'll keep my fingers crossed so as not to jinx it. I still have my mind (kinda) set on majoring in Graphic Design, but my thoughts are slightly drifting towards the possibility of being a COMM major with an emphasis in PR....hmmm. I'm just a tad unsteady but I'm thinking I'll know for sure what I wanna do by the end of the term. My new apartment complex is GREAT and I absolutely adore my new bunkmates. Our personalities resonate well with each other, and our closeness in age makes me a wee nostalgic for my first semester roomies. #TheCrewIn2202. My only complaint is mine and Alex's slight obsession with Gossip Girl and inability to watch less than 4 episodes in one evening; which makes for very sleepy mornings. and me. I'm actually doing swell. but seriously. I'

yik yak paddy wak.

WEEEEEE!! I'm so excited for the opportunity to be able to work with the social networking app  YikYak  as one of their USA Campus Reps for this Spring Semester! I'm SOOOO pumped to be working alongside the other students on campus in an effort to get everyone more connected and unified!! For those not familiar with YikYak; the best way I can explain it is like an anonymous Twitter...haha that description is fairly vague so it'd be best to just download the app and check it out for yourself! ;)  REXBURG KIDS: I'm in need of your help to help grow the herd, and I want YOU. Contact me via email, twitter, fb, or insta if you wanna get involved on campus, and have a blast meeting new people and maybe even scoring some free swag! (and/or taco bell...) on the outfit: I'm so in love with cozy, chunky knits right now because the frosty winter demands nothing less. The more layers the warmer. I threw on these leopard sneakers because the sol

so faux fur and summer shorts.

a few hours before my flight I had the chance to wander and adventure around the Las Vegas Art District in the early morning light with my best (aka sam. ) and for those that don't know, the murals and graffiti that decorate the walls and adorn every street corner, are absolutely breath taking. I swear the Art District is Vegas's best kept secret. But i'm a sunshine seeking, warm weather loving kind of gal, so the transition from summer clothes to heavy, layered winter clothes is a bit tough. Then I got these super cute shorties from AEO and I knew I'd probably die if I had to wait till summer until I could bust these bad boys out. So after a few minutes on Pinterest and the combining of a few trends, this outfit was born. These shorts are SO comfortable and I seriously can't wait to wear them more often this year. They come in a few different washes and are perfectly high-waisted. I got another pair in a deeper denim blue and I'm so stoke

buh bye vegas hello adventure.

this pose is called "figure skater curtsey" as cliche as it is (and let's be real it's SUPER cliche) a new year brings so many changes. Leaving home and going back to school, the start of a new semester (with our fingers anxiously crossed hoping we remember not to slack off because we know where that got us last term........hmmm), moving apartment complexes, trying to figure out where to go for the summer, failing at making any sort of important life decision, and ultimately having a teen-life crisis.WOOOOOO happy 2015 to me. I can feel in my 19 year old bones that THIS year something amazing is going to happen, but I'm not quite sure what it is yet.. But seriously so much is happening and brimming up and over my cup of normalcy that I have to ask myself (multiple times a day) "is this real life?" BUT, to prepare myself for all the crazy-excitingness that is sure to unfold this fresh year I have made a list of promises that I'v