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Wow, life has been extremely hectic lately. I absolutely adore being on my own and being responsible for myself and feeling a new sense of independence, but college is really rather overwhelming. I have 6 classes which all require a substantial amount of homework and studying, and Im on the dance team which has practice twice a week and a football game that we perform at every week. Then theres my calling in my ward which calls for activity planning meetings. AND it's starting to snow... and it's still October. I really can't imagine living through Winter semester because even as I sit here in the semi-heated Ricks building my fingers are cold and numb. But besides the ever stressful situation with classwork the social aspect is something I'm not quite used to. In high school I had friends in every class so it made my day super fun and carefree. But in my college lecture classes sometimes Im one of only a handful of freshmen.. so being in a class full of older kids is s


Have you ever been completely truthful with someone? Completely raw and unmasked? The only word I can use to describe it is naked. Im completely vulnerable and open, and it's almost like I'm just waiting for the assumptions and judgements. I can almost see you with surprise in your eyes like you can't imagine that the girl standing in front of you is actually me. Well it is. You're seeing me for the first time as me with no mask, no facade, no smile or twinkle in my eyes for me to hide behind.... And I have to be honest I kinda like this feeling of being free of the burden.