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Trash to Treasure

I pride myself on being an optimist, a person who sees the glass half full. Most days. But sometimes I feel like there isn't a silver-lining to be found. All rain and no rainbow. Sure I could fake a smile, and I do some days, but it's never enough. I know that without the bad days we wouldn't have the good days, but bad days seem to last tooooooooooo long. So here are my three tips to turning that frown upside down. 1. List your thankfuls: a simple bulleted list of my countless blessings shows me just how well I have it. How many can boast the opportunity to attend a university at a subsided cost? Or a mother who supports them in ALL that they do? I even scribble down my gratitude for waking up to my alarm. 2.Turning outward: Do something for someone else. Write a note for a roommate. Braid a random girl's hair in the bathroom (true stuff). It doesn't have to be something massive, just meaningful. 3. Lose the 'tude: moping does nothing to help in the h

keeping time with Arvo.

At the start of every semester I swear to myself that I'll be on time to every class and always be prepared. Unfortunately that dream hasn't yet come to fruition. But with the help from my pretty Arvo watch, I'm crossing my fingers in hopes of improving my time-management skills. If you also suffer from being perpetually late to every event under the sun, know that you aren't alone dear friend.   But don't fret, because I've teamed up with Arvo to give you 15% off all Arvo products with my special discount code. So hurry over to snag yourself one before it's too late! lol discount code: ZCZMJTT   xoxo hails.