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the day of the dads//

First off let me just say, Happy Father's Day to the best Mom in the world! You are a gem among women and I love you with all of my beating heart. My dad passed away 8 years ago, and since then my amazing mom has stepped in and filled the roles of financial and emotional supporter. My mom is the one that taught me about life and the trials and difficulties we face. She taught me that boys aren't always nice to you, and you have to find the one worth keeping. She taught me the importance of getting an education, and the value of doing something that you love. She taught me that no dream is too big, and that I can shoot for the stars, because she'll always be there to catch me. She has a glowing personality and her bubbling humor aligns with mine seamlessly.  She is the one to comfort me when things get rough and she’s always more than willing to lend a listening ear to hear my troubles, whether it’s about school, boys, or friends (and usually takes my side). She my  best


The Fault in Our Stars: the extremely depressing and soul wrenching love story of two cancer ridden teens who find themselves through each other. This movie is a must see for everyone. I know you'll ask, "But Hailey, why would I pay to bawl my eyes out and walk out post-movie emotionally drained?" Because dear readers, the story is much more than a tender love story. It is a story of defying the odds and taking charge of our own destinies. The phrase, "The Fault in Our Stars" stems from the classic Shakespeare play, Julius Caesar. Cassius speaks to his friend Brutus and says, "The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, But in ourselves..." He is telling him that the fault can't be placed on the shoulders of our situation. Fate happens, but our reaction to our position is what really matters. We hold the power in our lives to dictate what will become of us. We are underlings in the way that we victimize ourselves in a failing attempt to put

May Favorites//

With the start of a new month (yes I know June started a week ago) I've decided to try something different. So drumroll please!..........Monthly Favorites! Yayy! I know you're all very excited to read this because, don't you want to know what I'm currently fawning over?? Well this month's favorites will be the makeup products that I was obsessed with all throughout May. 1) Shadow Insurance by Benefit Cosmetics- This is an amazing eyeshadow primer that keeps my shadow from creasing and pigmented all throughout the day!  2) Mint Julips Lip Scrub by Lush Cosmetics- I love this lip scrub because it's sugary and minty and perfectly exfoliates my lips. The best part about this brand is that all the cosmetics are fresh and handmade! 3) Rogue Artist Intense in Pearly Violet by Makeup Forever- So the recent trend is bright lipsticks and I am definitely for on board with this fad. The purply color is bright, surprising and helps bring out the little bit

disney for a day.

Because sometimes all you need is a spontaneous adventure to kickstart your summer. A big thank you to my superb friends for not getting tired of me and always laughing at my dumb "what if" scenarios. You're the bestest. p.s. even though it was extremely hot, and the lines were crazy long, and Tyler got burned like a lobster, and there were crazy high schoolers running amuck (like who invited you?), and we were forced to nap on the couch in Innoventions, I wouldn't undo the trip one bit!

Feminism and Fear

I understand that this is a topic that most tiptoe around, but I decided to address the issue head on because I want my opinions to be heard whether or not they are agreed with....also because Freedom of Speech and what not.  So with the news of the Santa Barbara shooting; I've been thinking a lot about how women are portrayed in society. I spent the good part of an afternoon reading through the  #YesAllWomen  hashtag on twitter, and it's scary to see all of the frighteningly true posts. Feminism isn't about women trying to gain power or the upper hand over men. I promise our intentions aren't to kick all you men to the curb. Feminism is about women trying to gain equality in a world catered to men. It's not fair that I'm scared of parking garages, and walking to my car alone at night. It's not fair that by speaking out about feminism you're targeted for being "whiny" and "self-righteous". I'm not writing this to point