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flower girl.

okay I know that nowhere on this outfit is there flowers, but this full ruby red skirt makes me feel like a pretty tulip.  It's been a bit rainy up here in the Burg so I knew that it was time to bring out the tights and say so long to my short summery dresses. I love the versatility of this skirt and how easily it can be paired with anything! my next outfit with this skirt WILL include cheetah print, just you wait. xoxo hails.

a very merry birthday.

happy fourteenth month w.u.!  HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY CUTE LIL' BLOG! so after looking through my blog and all of my posts I realized that last week Words Unspoken turned 14 months! happy days! For me to keep up with it for this long is really an incredible feat, and I'm so proud of all the time and effort that I've funneled into this creative outlet of mine. When I first started my blog I was at the turning point in my life. I had just graduated high school, my (then) boyfriend had left to California, and I myself was getting ready to start college. It was all very exciting and extremely stressful at the same time! I was so pumped to move out and head to college, but was beyond nervous and had no idea what to expect. So I decided that wanted somewhere to let out all of my feelings without necessarily keeping a long-hand journal (although I am a passionate advocate for smashing*) so Words Unspoken was born.  First it was just a bunch of my random daily deali

heading black to school.

YAYYY FOR SCHOOL. just kidding I'm actually wearing black to mourn the death of summer (just the warm weather). so I only had my great books class today and honestly an hour long lecture was way too long and taxing on my attention span. But we left the apartment a bit late and couldn't find the right parking lot so we were stuck parked probably close to 100 miles from our building and HAD TO RUN TO CLASS. just like old times. Then once inside my designated building I couldn't find my classroom, and by the time I did I had to awkwardly walk in with everyone staring at me. (oh hey there) and then we were berated by my professor for our insufficient learning habits. like I don't even know you brahhh...but my day ended on a good note with a 2 hour nap and a free snow cone. happy school days students. p.s. the first time we went out for pictures I totally forgot the memory card for my camera. good one hailey. top: forever 21 jeans: american eagl

confidence is key.

once upon a time there was a young girl named hailey. she was a (slightly) shy and naive thing and had a difficult time staying true to herself. one day she decided she didn't give a flying fruit cake anymore and went off the deep end...the end. okay so that story is completely made up  (maybe) and a hundred percent not true (kinda). but when I was younger, I really didn't have much self-confidence and my self-esteem really suffered. It wasn't probably until I came up to the Burg last fall; that I finally started to feel more at ease with who I was and really express myself in my truest form. so here on the blog I'm going to share some tips and tricks that have kept me confident and cool. (okay I'm not really cool at all) first) you have to remember that everyone, and I mean EVERYONE is going through trials and struggles in their lives. We have all become masters at putting on a brave face and pretending as though we're absolutely fine and dandy.

august favorites// a summer for the books.

just a  glimpse at my extraordinarily crazy summer. a word to describe this summer: wow. these past few months have just gone by in a complete blur. when I finished up my freshman year of college at BYU-I in april I felt like my summer was stretched out before me with a million different possibilities and a trillion days before I could even think about going back to school.  when I first came home it was different to say the least . I felt like the entire world had just shifted on it's axis and everything was topsy-turvy. I got a job, and realized I hated it in the same week. For the most part a lot of my high school friends were still back at college. And the new friends that I had made while in Rexburg, the ones that had seen be grow and change in those crazy 7 months, weren't by my side anymore. To put it lightly, I was incredibly lonely. So to ease my sense of misplacement and confusion I chose to adventure up to Provo, UT and enroll in BYU summer session.  I wen

a foxy voxbox.

I had the great honor of receiving a VoxBox from Influenster this month. hip hip hoo ray for free stuff! this month's box contained a Victoria's Secret sports bra and a pair of their AMAZING crop yoga pants. so first off I'm a huge fan of Victoria's Secret, so to find out I was chosen to review their products made me all sorts of giddy. The sports bra is engineered for maximum impact sports such as running, and the nylon bottoms are tight fitted and perfectly seamless. this go-to workout outfit is great for the gym, and also to lounge around in if you don't really feel like going to the gym at all. xoxo hails. *too bright for me to open my eyes for a proper kissy face pic* jumping for joy because free merch. am I right? throwback to my gymnast days bra: VS Sport Incredible bottoms: VS Sport Knockout Crop *this post reflects my own thoughts and opinions* "I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing pur

one last hurrah.

for our last summer fling before I leave to college, my family decided that we wanted to adventure to disneyland! sure I may in fact be nineteen years old, but for me the disney magic and happiness never dies, and is honestly irreplaceable. I was slightly hesitant to go on a friday and saturday; dreading that the lines would be never-ending and the summer heat unbearable ( like the summer's first d-land trip ) BUT to my complete astonishment and uncontainable joy, the lines were nearly nonexistent and the weather was beautifully mild! I'd like to believe that cali was giving me a sweet lil' good bye present. xoxo driving at night>>> home. a very rare picture of my little sis Skyler. our love of all things disney is perfectly displayed in our facials expressions. I'm obviously the biggest fan. the best way to end a night. SPRINKLES FOR DAYS. gas is totally cheaper in cali. the essentials. let it be known that I had to purchas

Cutting and Coping with Grief*

*please note that this was written for my english class, where our professor wanted us to take an emotion and make it tangible and realistic for our audience. I embraced the challenge of the poem, and wrote what I believe to be an equivalent of depression. do not be alarmed, this isn't based off personal experience* The cover of night and the shadows envelope me. Physically and emotionally I belong locked in a closet, which was exactly where I sat. The hospitable darkness and gloom didn't object my arrival one bit.   I wanted to cling to the shadows; I was trying to embrace a passionate emotion, but was it the wrong one? My hands were preoccupied anyways.   A dull set of crafting scissors in one shaking hand. The other fisted up tight, tight enough to feel my nails biting my palm. The pain of an edgeless blade is not crisp and clear; it’s thick with jagged edges. Any attempt at not crying was pointless and futile. I didn't cry for the smooth under