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MAKEUP- Weeeeeeeeee!

Smokey Eyes// Yippeee!! So I finally got around to posting a video on YouTube about my smokey eye makeup routine! Yayyy! Lots of fun! I'm going to try and post a new video maybe once a weekish or so.... So stay tuned my little friends!

The Day of Love, Friendship, and Sweets

When you typically think of Valentine's Day you imagine yummy chocolates, a bouquet of fresh roses, an enormous over-priced stuffed teddy bear, and maybe even something sparkly. Valentine's  Day has always been catered to couples and love and mushy feelings. The girl is supposed to dress up  (red lipstick is a must) and the guy is charged with the "responsibility" to get his girlfriend the  perfect gifts, which are to be "presented" at school so that the entire student body can "oooo" and  "ahhhh" over how much he actually cares for and "loves" his girlfriend. And for those that don't have someone to fawn over them are generally left in the shadows to be  forgotten by the entire "love industry". Rare are the gifts exchanged between friends to show  affection and care. The entire holiday has been grossly exploited and blown completely out of  proportion. You should love and admire

~an epiphany over bread and butter~

So this morning as I was getting ready for school I was desperately trying to keep my eyes open and awake as I yanked a sweatshirt over my head and hopped into a pair of skinny jeans. I tried to run my fingers through my damp hair in hopes that it would detangle itself and not be knotty. (wow Im so punny) This was all going down as my bread was in the toaster. Remember when you were a kid (or yesterday) and you would see the timer on the microwave tick down and you would try your hardest to get everything done before that annoying beeping started?  Yep that was me. Trying my hardest to get dressed and ready before my soon to be toast popped up. And for those of you that eat toast (I'm assuming probably all of you) know that there is a very small time window in which you have to butter your toast or it will be too cold and then you will be left with a semi warm piece of slightly browned bread with a clump of cold hard butter in the middle. yep it's gross. Because that's exac