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playing grown up.

Daniel is in no way deceptive, he just has a knack for making people look exponentially better. And in this case he made me look like a fully functioning adult in society whose life is in order, and that children, is the lie. With the passing of my 20th birthday I've come to terms with a few things: 1. I am two decades old, which is the same thing as ONE FIFTH OF A CENTURY, which is old. 2. I am no longer a teenager so I need to cut back on my allotted shenanigans.  3. I don't actually have be a boring grown up. I reject the notion that adulthood means conforming to bounds of routine and formalities. I shan't be shackled to society's ideas of maturity!...but seriously I'm typing this in polka dot stretchy pants and a slouchy tee with a sleepy french bull dog plastered on the front, whilst lounging on my child-sized froggy pillow seat.  I will continue to eat frozen gogurt for breakfast alongside my chocolate milk c

missing in action.

It's been roughly 2 months since my last blogging endeavor. A break, a sabbatical, a leave of absence; whatever you wanna call it, I was on it. It wasn't something that had any forethought or planning, it came naturally and of it's own accord. I had become so busy with school, my frantic job search (that proved rewarding), my sister's pending nuptials, & all the other little things that seem to weasel their way into my life. Unconsciously I began to loosen the reins on my sweet site, and now 8 weeks later, I'm oh so glad I did. I'm going to be so bold as to say that I think blogging is a talent of mine, albeit mediocre. But talents, no matter big or small, are detrimental in our discovery of ourselves. Talents are to be nursed and nurtured so that they may be developed and strengthened, but there is a fragile balance that demands to be had. To obsess and nitpick over every detail of that talent causes for feelings of insignificance and worthlessness, bo