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Grass Life

Oh the joys of being a nanny. Being a nanny, to me, is probably one of the most difficult jobs. It's not like a restaurant where you're serving food, or a store where you're folding clothes. But you are placed in charge of a LIFE. Yes a life. So one of my responsibilities as a nanny is to take the girls to tennis is the early hours of the morning. And let me tell you it's extremely difficult waking up on a summer morning after having stayed out til way past midnight. The great thing about their practice is that there is a beautiful spot of shady grass where I can relax and occasionally cat nap until they're done. This patch of grass has been with me the past two summers. It's a place where I've journaled my life away, where I've snapped countless selfies, read many books, and pondered the mysteries of life. Although it doesn't seem like much, this small space of grass is a lovely simplistic paradise. {amongst the trees. in my natural        habitat.}

Super Saturday

Starting the day off right with lunch at Panera, my all time favorite soup and bread eatery, with my mom and sister. Then we spent a hot miserable hour at Walmart grocery shopping. After spending about 3 hours attempting to clean my room ( I was actually reading old notes from high school) my mom and I went on a date to see Red 2. When we came out people were milling around because it was flooding in the streets and no one dared drive home. The rain came down so hard I swear my moms car was about to swerve off the road... Toto we're not in Vegas anymore. ☁☔💦⚡

Home Sweet Home

Wow. Girls camp was so great. Besides an amazing house, delicious home cooked meals, Mary Poppins, late night twerk vines, tp pranks, our stone walk in shower, and all of the fantastic memories; I am so incredibly blessed to have had Sam come with me to camp for the past 7 summers! We've been best friends for almost 12 years now and when I leave up to college I have no idea what I'll do without my bestfriend 😁

Camping in a house.

So it had finally come around. Girls camp. Some years it had been great where we'd go on exciting snipe hunts that would end with crying girls and a whole lot of wasted toothpaste,I we'd go horseback riding in the rain and everything would be lovely in the beautiful outdoors. But this year my leaders decided it would be much more enjoyable to go "camping" in a vacation home in southern utah. I know, I know it can't really be qualified as camping especially with indoor plumbing, a swimming pool, and my own room, but hey I'm not complaining! As a 7th year all of my camping certifications have long been passed off so all I have to do is help the younger girls learn how to tie knots and find constellations. But most importantly relax ☀

Yes. Yes you are.


Blogging 101

Hello there. Wow I swear I'd never get a blog. I claimed that it would confine me to the mold of a stereotypical mormon teenage girl. But then I thought what is really holding me back? Nothing. So now I'm here blogging away to my heart's content. So welcome to Words Unspoken.