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Tis The Season: For Christmas Pictures, matching leggings, and red lipstick.


one day.


crushing in SLC

This weekend I had the wonderful opportunity to travel to SLC to see temple square with a few of my roommates and Henry. I had my final dance performance that night so Ri and Henry came along to support me like adoring fans. cough cough not really. Then we headed back to the apartment to pick up our bags and Steff and we were off to UTAH!! So just recently *Joe has been on my mind like crazy and the only reason I can think of why  would be there is because it's coming time for me to pack up and go back to Vegas and Im really hoping I won't have to see him at all. Ever.  Well…. I guess I'd go to his mission farewell, but one of the reasons that I broke up with him was so that we would stop hanging out and doing stuff together. I wanted to break up and have it end there. Nothing left. Because to be honest we weren't friends before we started dating. We went from friendly choral acquaintances to a really physical relationship. So I just want to go back 8 months, back to w…

//updates from rexy//

wow it's been an incredible journey since I last wrote.
-Halloween: was an exciting holiday in which my roommate, Nibs and I went out and danced, partied, made out with randoms, and ate a load of candy that we really didn't need.
-ExBF, high school flames, crushes, bonfires, and boys- ExBF drama: so as you all know I've had a lot of crap go down between me and my ex (hurt feelings, angry texts, guilt ridden messages, and lots and lots of tears) So while I was home for break I told him that we needed to get together to talk because honestly I was completely tired of only talking behind our phones, and I knew that there was a ton of things that we needed to talk about to fully finalize our breakup. He picked me up Friday night an we picked up starbucks and headed to the park. And lemme tell you the first 25 minutes or so that i was with him I felt totally out of my element and I didn't know what to do or say. Then as we gradually got more comfortable with each other we s…