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Tis The Season: For Christmas Pictures, matching leggings, and red lipstick.

~Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from the Crew in 2202~

one day.

The absolutely stunning Salt Lake City Temple.  I'm so incredibly grateful for the opportunity that I had to be able to see this beauty in person all lit up for the joyous Christmas Season.

crushing in SLC

This weekend I had the wonderful opportunity to travel to SLC to see temple square with a few of my roommates and Henry. I had my final dance performance that night so Ri and Henry came along to support me like adoring fans. cough cough not really. Then we headed back to the apartment to pick up our bags and Steff and we were off to UTAH!! So just recently *Joe has been on my mind like crazy and the only reason I can think of why  would be there is because it's coming time for me to pack up and go back to Vegas and Im really hoping I won't have to see him at all. Ever.  Well…. I guess I'd go to his mission farewell, but one of the reasons that I broke up with him was so that we would stop hanging out and doing stuff together. I wanted to break up and have it end there. Nothing left. Because to be honest we weren't friends before we started dating. We went from friendly choral acquaintances to a really physical relationship. So I just want to go back 8 months, back to wh

//updates from rexy//

wow it's been an incredible journey since I last wrote. -Halloween: was an exciting holiday in which my roommate, Nibs and I went out and danced, partied, made out with randoms, and ate a load of candy that we really didn't need. and as you can see we went as stereotypical cats….sans kitty ears -Midterms/Grades: They were kinda stressful but I managed to snag an A on my Old Testament essay that I successfully wrote in approximately 4 hours. For dance we created a cute little number to A Little Party Never Killed Nobody, and there were ideas that I wanted to try out but half the girls in my group are beginners so it was hard trying to incorporate my more difficult tricks into it. Which was a bummer but it still turned out really cute. So my grades right now are fairly decent; I've got 2 A's, one 89, and B, and a flipping C in psych. I really really really regret taking that course and I'm upset with myself for not dropping out while I had the chance, so I real