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The Power of Their Words

There is strength in everything. Every action, thought, and word holds a well of power that is weightier than we can comprehend.   A naked word is nothing but a string of letters; but words stitched together with intent and purpose hold potential. They hold the potential to lift heavy hearts, to fortify crumbling character, to furnish the flame of faith, and possess the potential to empower beyond belief. We have the capacity to lead others towards a life of light, and knowledge of the value of their existence. We are literally capable of changing lives for the better.   And yet, the words may be turned in on themselves, maliciously shredded to the bone and cruelly corrupted. The brutal punch a foul phrase packs leaves a deeper impression than that of an empathetic expression. They’ve been used to dissect with disgust, criticize in contempt, to tease and taunt, and to brazenly beat down. Shamelessly and without thought they are dirtied for the sake of “speaking the truth”