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rain spots and leopard spots*||

with today's onslaught of rain I figured it would be best to put away my sandals and go for a pair of shoes that would keep my toesies dry and warm. I found these super cute animal print sneakers for only $25. Praise the fashion gods. I was actually about to shell out $80 for Steve Madden sneaks...whew close one! shoes: Target jeans: American Eagle watch: Arvo ~hk

the purge: a cleansing and renewing of my way of thought.

A week ago I made the decision to go speak to my bishop concerning the confusion and frustration that I had been feeling for the past week or so. I explained to him that I had felt the need to  come up here to Provo, for some reason unknown to myself, but now I was doubting my decision to move away for the summer. I had many unrealistic expectations that weren't met, so I was frustrated with my situation to say the least. With all this unnecessary pressure building up we decided that I needed to axe a few things in my life. First on my "purge" list was social media. I would like to freely admit that I spend WAY too much time on my phone, bouncing between Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr, there were so many things I could be doing with that wasted time. So with the determination to relieve myself of inessential burdens, I deleted all three apps from my phone. Okay, so I know I probably should have completely deactivated my accounts, but I wanted to see if I could manage to

black is the new black.

This past Sunday I was feeling a bit monochromatic so I went for my favorite color: B L A C K. Black can be super sultry and sexy, or can be toned down for an equally casual look (exactly what I did). The only color I was rocking was a red lippie. Yayyy for easy colors! sandals: Journeys maxi: Target top: Rue 21 bag: Steve Madden rings: local farmers market 

poetry for beginners.

So with the start of a new term I've become incredibly busy....just kidding I'm only taking 6 credits, so in fact I'm just lazy and haven't gotten around to blogging. Anyways after dropping my Conversational Spanish class on the basis that I was the ONLY  non-returned missionary taking it, I decided to sign up for a Creative Writing course. I thought we'd be writing short stories, but to my surprise we're being forced to try our hand at poetry. I've actually found it to be sorta therapeutic and soothing; helping me to organize my thoughts. And being in a moment of relaxed judgment I've decided to share with you a poem I wrote. like it or not, here it is....... Making Wishes I am swaying in the wind with absolutely no real direction. I let the breeze bow me back forth. I don’t have a mind of my own. I am used to the nudging and gentle prodding of my surroundings. I easily bend to the quiet whisperings of the midday draft. M