Grass Life

Oh the joys of being a nanny. Being a nanny, to me, is probably one of the most difficult jobs. It's not like a restaurant where you're serving food, or a store where you're folding clothes. But you are placed in charge of a LIFE. Yes a life. So one of my responsibilities as a nanny is to take the girls to tennis is the early hours of the morning. And let me tell you it's extremely difficult waking up on a summer morning after having stayed out til way past midnight. The great thing about their practice is that there is a beautiful spot of shady grass where I can relax and occasionally cat nap until they're done. This patch of grass has been with me the past two summers. It's a place where I've journaled my life away, where I've snapped countless selfies, read many books, and pondered the mysteries of life. Although it doesn't seem like much, this small space of grass is a lovely simplistic paradise.
{amongst the trees. in my natural        habitat.}


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