So yep. Its final. Joe is actually gone. So he left tuesday morning for college and even after our last hug and kiss I still didn't feel upset. BUT within the first few hours of him leaving I felt this strong feeling of abandonment and nostalgia. I have spent almost every waking moment with him this summer and to sit at home alone with nothing to do was something I was definitely not used to. So I did what any emotional teenage girl would do. I watched The Notebook and kept company with a bowl full of chocolate covered strawberries. Then with a stomach ache and swollen eyes I decided that I needed to do something other than feel sorry for myself. So I laced up my tennis shoes and went for a run into the sunset. And I can proudly say that I ran the entire time.... all 15 minutes of it. I had forgotten how much running cleared my head and how amazing it made me feel. So with a clear mind I decided that I needed to be happy for him. AND to make my night he facetimed me right before bed. So I guess this is a happy post, right?


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