playing grown up.

Daniel is in no way deceptive, he just has a knack for making people look exponentially better. And in this case he made me look like a fully functioning adult in society whose life is in order, and that children, is the lie.

With the passing of my 20th birthday I've come to terms with a few things:

1. I am two decades old, which is the same thing as ONE FIFTH OF A CENTURY, which is old.
2. I am no longer a teenager so I need to cut back on my allotted shenanigans. 
3. I don't actually have be a boring grown up.

I reject the notion that adulthood means conforming to bounds of routine and formalities. I shan't be shackled to society's ideas of maturity!...but seriously I'm typing this in polka dot stretchy pants and a slouchy tee with a sleepy french bull dog plastered on the front, whilst lounging on my child-sized froggy pillow seat. 

I will continue to eat frozen gogurt for breakfast alongside my chocolate milk cereal, truly a dentist's and diabetic's worst nightmare. I will cuddle my stuffed cow, lovingly dubbed Mr. Moo, every night at bedtime until he is tattered beyond recognition. I will doodle on every paper napkin, empty margin, and writing surface within arm's reach (to my mother's dismay). I have happy meal toys lined up and proudly displayed on my desk. I will still insist that a park swing is the best seat in town, and a dandelion blossom the prettiest flower in the field.

My childhood fancies will happily follow me into adulthood.

xoxo hails.


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