{Let's Get Away}

So this past saturday I had the wonderful opportunity to take a much needed trip to the beach. Huntington to be specific. And I was expecting to be greeted by sunshine and the cool salty breezes from the waves. But instead I was welcomed by cold fog and dreary skies. This trip was my one last hurrah before I move up to snowy Idaho for college, and let me tell you the weather kinda threw a wet blanket on my mood.
the cloudy weather of cali.

 So with a semi heavy heart we decided to go shopping on the pier instead. We passed countless kiosks selling food, piercings, and henna tats, but I had only one thing in mind. The famed California republic sweatshirt. After an hour or so of passing through shop after shop we found a store selling said sweatshirts for only..drumroll..... $30! And I have to say that I was so excited because I was about to pay $45 for a subpar lifeguard hoodie.
Me, Jules, Liz, & Erin

So as you remember Joe moved to California for college so I was happily surprised when he and some friends decided to come to the beach to hangout with us. And if that wasn't great enough the sun decided to show its face and warm our salty skin. We built sand forts (a sand castle's older cousin), tanned, went body surfing, and dug for seashells. This trip was absolutely splendid and was definitely one to remember. ~h
{kiss me hard before you go}


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