this thing called growing up

So Im leaving to college in t-minus 12 days and I honestly believe that Im about to give myself a stomach ulcer due to the amount of stress and freaking out that Im undergoing. I am so scared to leave home and experience life on my own, but on the other hand I know that its time for me to hop out of the nest and fly. My older sister Taylor is now a junior at UNLV, but she still lives at home so I will be the first child to move out. This is so incredibly foreign to me because my entire life I've looked up to Taylor and followed in her footsteps. She is an amazing example I can always learn from the decisions that she's made. I also have 2 younger sisters who look up to Taylor, because Taylor is the eldest and she is so responsible, focused and determined. I am on the opposite side of the spectrum and can be compared to a dandelion. Always swaying in the wind and letting the breeze take me wherever it wishes. So to be leaving home first is something that I am super anxious for. Im learning to become older, less of a flower and more of a sturdy tree. Im making more responsible choices and trying to think with a wiser mind. Although I miss everything about my childhood and my flimsy idea of life after high school, Ive come to realize that I'm more excited for what my future has to offer. The countless possibilities that await me as soon as I'm brave enough to make that first leap into the real world.


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