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I like to think of myself as a pretty crafty person, so when I saw these frayed bleach dipped shorts I knew I had to put them on my to do list.
All it takes is:
*a pair of unwanted shorts
*clorox bleach
*white vinegar
*nail file

First you hang your shorts over the bucket with the legs hanging in. Make sure to leave an extra inch or two on top because the bleach will run up.
Next pour in 3/4 of the bottle of bleach.
Let that sit for about 30 mins.
>>>>>>>>Tick. Tock.<<<<<<<<<<<
After soaking rinse your shorts with the white vinegar and water. (This will stop the bleaching process)
Then wash your shorts (the hem should fray a bit) and distress with the nail file to your hearts content. 

And this is how mine turned out⬇💙


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