we are golden

I have this bestfriend. We've been best friends for about 11 years, but right after Joe and I started dating it was hard for me to split up my time between my first boyfriend and my bestfriend. But this past summer I did a really bad job of keeping in touch with her and a ton of drama went down between us so I was frustrated and upset and wanted to go off to college without so much as a goodbye. I knew I had to see her again before I left so I timidly made dinner plans with her and expected the worst. I went and picked her up and right from the start we were talking like there had been nothing wrong between us. We went out to Cafe Rio and sat, talked, and ate until past closing. It all felt so natural and easy. I didn't feel uncomfortable and I realized that I had truly missed being around her. I took her home and we spent another 2 hours laughing in my car watching vines and talking about typical girl drama. With only a week before I go up to the cold icy land of Idaho, I really wish that I had reconnected with her sooner. But I plan on trying to make the best of it before I leave. The thing about a bestfriend is that you'll get into stupid fights with them. You wont talk for days, or even weeks on end. But suddenly when you see them again its like nothing has changed. You're back to the familiarity of the friendship. And everything is ok.....

.......unless you slept with her boyfriend. (thats bad.)


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