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Wow, life has been extremely hectic lately. I absolutely adore being on my own and being responsible for myself and feeling a new sense of independence, but college is really rather overwhelming. I have 6 classes which all require a substantial amount of homework and studying, and Im on the dance team which has practice twice a week and a football game that we perform at every week. Then theres my calling in my ward which calls for activity planning meetings. AND it's starting to snow... and it's still October. I really can't imagine living through Winter semester because even as I sit here in the semi-heated Ricks building my fingers are cold and numb. But besides the ever stressful situation with classwork the social aspect is something I'm not quite used to. In high school I had friends in every class so it made my day super fun and carefree. But in my college lecture classes sometimes Im one of only a handful of freshmen.. so being in a class full of older kids is slightly daunting. It's also really strange because nearly EVERYONE here is either married or engaged, and the ones that are blissfully wed drag their children around with them on campus. Not that I don't love this school, but I'm deeply considering transferring to a university where the kids are the same age (and not having their own children), a school where collegiate sports exist (not just recreational), one where there is more pep and school spirit. And I've got to say I wouldn't mind being a part of a sorority.  My roommates are a blast and for the most part we all get along really well! And by mostly I mean that we aren't ripping each other's hair  out...yet. One girl has never cleaned up after herself, so it's not uncommon for us to find her laundry strewn across the bathroom floor, her dishes piled up in the sink and her school bag and supplies lying carelessly on the floor. Actually now that I think about it two of my roommates are like that.. So fingers crossed when clean checks come around they'll clean up their act.. literally! Love.. what can I say about love that you haven't already heard? Love is hard. Love is never fair. Love is dangerous. Love is taking chances on a person who you hope with all your heart is the one. Love is realizing that they're not what you want anymore. Love is a risk that you have to be willing to take. But right now..... I  don't know if it's what I need in my life. Because love is incredibly confusing.
School: An institution that you must attend in order to further yourself secularly and sometimes spiritually.
Life: We all have one even if it isn't as glamorous as we would hope.
Love: One of the hardest things you will ever have to endure.. because in the end it might all be worth it.


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