crushing in SLC

This weekend I had the wonderful opportunity to travel to SLC to see temple square with a few of my roommates and Henry. I had my final dance performance that night so Ri and Henry came along to support me like adoring fans. cough cough not really. Then we headed back to the apartment to pick up our bags and Steff and we were off to UTAH!! So just recently *Joe has been on my mind like crazy and the only reason I can think of why  would be there is because it's coming time for me to pack up and go back to Vegas and Im really hoping I won't have to see him at all. Ever.  Well…. I guess I'd go to his mission farewell, but one of the reasons that I broke up with him was so that we would stop hanging out and doing stuff together. I wanted to break up and have it end there. Nothing left. Because to be honest we weren't friends before we started dating. We went from friendly choral acquaintances to a really physical relationship. So I just want to go back 8 months, back to when the only time we talked would be in class. Sometimes. To be blunt I just wanted to quit cold turkey. But Henry kinda sensed my anxiety so while he was driving that night he had his arm back and was holding my hand.. ahhh… I really don't know what to do with my feelings any more. So on Saturday morning Ri went on a breakfast date, so Steff and I went to Ihop to indulge in some delicious pancakes and the oh so addicting salted caramel hot coco. yum. Whilst we were devouring our scrumptious breakfast we had a heart to heart, where she told me the whole Henry sitch. (she was the other girl in our crush triangle previously mentioned) Sooooooo she told me that I could have him because she knows that it'd be better if they were only friends even though she still has feelings for him. But the issue I'm currently facing is that I don't know what to do about the situation I'm in with Henry. We obviously have feelings for each other but Im not quite sure where this "thing" is going to go. I know that neither of us is ready for a relationship, but I feel like that's still kinda where we're heading. And the problem is that I don't know if that's the best because I'm afraid of how it will end when it does. My last relationship ended in a train wreck and I'm not quite sure if Im ready to board another disaster. Help please.


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