//updates from rexy//

wow it's been an incredible journey since I last wrote.
-Halloween: was an exciting holiday in which my roommate, Nibs and I went out and danced, partied, made out with randoms, and ate a load of candy that we really didn't need.
and as you can see we went as stereotypical cats….sans kitty ears

-Midterms/Grades: They were kinda stressful but I managed to snag an A on my Old Testament essay that I successfully wrote in approximately 4 hours. For dance we created a cute little number to A Little Party Never Killed Nobody, and there were ideas that I wanted to try out but half the girls in my group are beginners so it was hard trying to incorporate my more difficult tricks into it. Which was a bummer but it still turned out really cute. So my grades right now are fairly decent; I've got 2 A's, one 89, and B, and a flipping C in psych. I really really really regret taking that course and I'm upset with myself for not dropping out while I had the chance, so I really have to do amazing on the next exam if I want to keep that grade….

-Dance: Is kinda kicking my butt. Im tired when I go and Im tired when I leave AND by the time I get home I still have loads of hw to do and an early morning…. blehh i know I should be grateful for making the team especially since so many girls tried out and wanted to be apart of it, but I probably should have really thought it through before jumping the gun and trying out.

-Thanksgiving Break: I was so incredibly blessed to be able to go home for Thanksgiving!! The weather in Vegas was absolutely fantastic and I was so so so happy to see my mom and sisters! It was a much needed break from the cold weather, friend drama, and onslaught of homework and studying for finals.
*got my head up in the clouds by I'm heading home*
-ExBF, high school flames, crushes, bonfires, and boys-
ExBF drama: so as you all know I've had a lot of crap go down between me and my ex (hurt feelings, angry texts, guilt ridden messages, and lots and lots of tears) So while I was home for break I told him that we needed to get together to talk because honestly I was completely tired of only talking behind our phones, and I knew that there was a ton of things that we needed to talk about to fully finalize our breakup. He picked me up Friday night an we picked up starbucks and headed to the park. And lemme tell you the first 25 minutes or so that i was with him I felt totally out of my element and I didn't know what to do or say. Then as we gradually got more comfortable with each other we started to open up more. We spoke about school, and volleyball and dance. (this is all happening as we're walking around the park) Then suddenly he asks me if I'm dying anyone and I tell him no and I proceed to finally ask him if him and Courtney are dating (some chick that he had hooked up with in cali who then moved out to the same school as me) He said he wasn't because she didn't even compare to me and that he didn't want to play her like I played him. Then we got back into his car and talked about friendship and I've known  for a long time that this is all we'd ever be, and that marriage to him was something that I don't think would happen anymore. I then gave him his jerseys back and thats when I think he finally started to realize that this was all over and i knew he would just need time to come to terms with it… I know I'm  a black hearted wench.
High School Flames: Once upon a time there was this girl named Hailey who fell for *Kyle her junior year, and he turned into her first kiss, and the person she wrote letters to whilst she was abroad in Europe. Then to her surprise and heartbreak she came home to find that he was dating someone 3 fritching years younger than himself. So she vowed never to have anything to do with him. Then during spring break of her senior year he broke up with his girlfriend for Hailey and asked her on a date. So of course she got excited (stupid) and got all dolled up (even more stupid) and waited… and waited… and waited…. and he never showed up. Frustrated with herself yet again she swore to the heavens that she would NEVER EVER speak to him again. THEN when she came home from thanksgiving break guess who she went on a date with that saturday night……YES!! Flipping Kyle!!!! Had she not learned any better?! So she went on a lovely night hike with him then to see the beautiful valley lights in the crisp winter air, then went to the local Starbucks for coco and headed to the park to reminisce about the past while casually swinging on the swings to a gentle breeze. Then when he dropped her off at home he walked her to the door and hugged her like a gentleman. She had been in the house for a mere 2 minutes when he called her to tell her that she'd forgotten something. So intrigued she went outside as he walked back up the driveway and she looked at him questioningly and he leaned down and planted a kiss on her lips like he had done before so long ago. So now what? What was she planning on doing?? Well I have no fetching idea what she plans on doing because she's stupid and doesn't learn from her mistakes.
Crushes: Trouble on cloud 9… more like trouble on the daily.  So there happens to be guy that I kinda have a thing for… but the issue is that he is a really close friend of my exbf… so while he's trying to be an honorbale friend by not crossing any bro lines, I'm over here dying for his attention and affection. So when I came home and told him of everything that had gone down with the ex while I was on break he was happy and that day we spent nearly 3 hours in bed together…… napping. A second problem was that I have an apartment mate who has recently developed a crush on *Henry as well… so this has become a competition to the death… to say the least. gahhhhhh maybe i should just swear off the whole male species and become a lesbian. maybe……never.
Main Man: so my main squeeze is no doubt *Hue Liu whom I tell all of my carefully kept secrets, twirly desires and all the details of my boy drama. I can't imagine my life without him because he's been my little grasshopper the past summer and I'm proud to say that I've reared him into the semi-fulfilling life as a hussy.
Fiyahhhh: During break we had a bonfire reunion with all of my choir peeps and how I've missed their faces so much!! We were all able to reunite in the light of the warm winter flames, with the company of smores and a light december chill.

So thats my much needed update in the life of hailey.


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