Buckle Up

So when a guy typically says that he's looking for a bestfriend I believe him. I imagine that he wants a girl he can hang with without any commitment. I've been a guy's bestfriend before and I really like the position. It's like being his wingman. I'll listen to his girl problems and he'll listen to my boy problems. We exchange advice and both come out wiser. Never did I ever see anything happening with *Tyler. We re-met at party and decided to become best friends. We danced and partied together, and we DIDN'T GRIND. lemme tell you that is something that is definitely hard to come by. lol I could of made that so awkward.. jk ok nvmd... Moving On--> Then we swapped numbers and he walked me back to my car, actually backspace he came up behind me and put me on his should THEN he walked me to the car. What a stud. So saturday rolls around and we've made plans to do homework together. So I go over to his apartment and pull out my spanish and we get to work, I was fairly new with the system so I didn't quite know what I was doing. So he tried to help but nothing was getting done. So first off his roommates are a hoot and I just adore their personalities. Butttttttttttt then they left, one went on a group date and the other went out to a party. So away my homework wen rand out came the love sack and Happy Gilmore. We watched the movie and just talked a lot, when suddenly he was overtop of me kissing me.... and lemme tell you Tyler is really aggressive. So after a 2.5 hour intense make out I pry myself out of his arms and let him walk me to my car. Driving home I was shaking from the intensity of his kisses and freaking out because of the bruises. So I stealthily creeped back into my apartment only to be jumped by my roommates, curious as to how my night went. Their eyes turned wide and their jaws dropped as I recounted my night. Although he was a brilliant kisser I was upset because I had been longing for a guy friend and now our situation was so much more complicated. So with a bowl of sugary cereal in front of me and 4 spoons in the freezer (for those obviously placed hickeys) I was able to slow my heart rate down from that of a hyperactive chihuahua and feel normal again.
Sooooooooooo long story short he later apologized for so violently attacking my mouth (and body) and we promised to be friends. Just friends. Something I so desperately needed.


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