~an epiphany over bread and butter~

So this morning as I was getting ready for school I was desperately trying to keep my eyes open and awake as I yanked a sweatshirt over my head and hopped into a pair of skinny jeans. I tried to run my fingers through my damp hair in hopes that it would detangle itself and not be knotty. (wow Im so punny) This was all going down as my bread was in the toaster. Remember when you were a kid (or yesterday) and you would see the timer on the microwave tick down and you would try your hardest to get everything done before that annoying beeping started?  Yep that was me. Trying my hardest to get dressed and ready before my soon to be toast popped up. And for those of you that eat toast (I'm assuming probably all of you) know that there is a very small time window in which you have to butter your toast or it will be too cold and then you will be left with a semi warm piece of slightly browned bread with a clump of cold hard butter in the middle. yep it's gross. Because that's exactly what I ate this morning. I ran back to the kitchen with high hoes that my bread would still be cooking, but to my mortification it had already popped up. Gingerly I grabbed my toast, praying to the gods of breakfast that it wouldn't be cold. And to my surprise it was still warm! I quickly tried to spread my butter, but in my heart I knew that it wouldn't melt. And then, in this exact moment my toast became my life.......<insert epiphany here>
 I'm actually not quite sure what sparked the idea, but I could see how my life related to the cold hard square of butter on my slightly burnt toast. Sometimes in life we are given amazing opportunities and blessings in our lives that we just have reach for and grab. Some of these are only available for a short instant in time, and then they're gone. Lost to us, maybe forever. Just like the melted butter. I've learned the hard way that some opportunities only come once in our lifetime, and we have to make the decision to either take it or let is slip through our fingertips. I'm incredibly fortunate enough to have to handy blog where I can type out my feelings and thoughts to a bunch of strangers that I consider friends with the hope that I will be able to learn from the stupid mistakes I keep reliving, and  (fingers crossed) rub off on all you lovely souls so you can gain insight from my lil' old life.


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