The Day of Love, Friendship, and Sweets

When you typically think of Valentine's Day you imagine yummy chocolates, a bouquet of fresh

roses, an enormous over-priced stuffed teddy bear, and maybe even something sparkly. Valentine's 

Day has always been catered to couples and love and mushy feelings. The girl is supposed to dress up 

(red lipstick is a must) and the guy is charged with the "responsibility" to get his girlfriend the 

perfect gifts, which are to be "presented" at school so that the entire student body can "oooo" and 

"ahhhh" over how much he actually cares for and "loves" his girlfriend.

And for those that don't have someone to fawn over them are generally left in the shadows to be 

forgotten by the entire "love industry". Rare are the gifts exchanged between friends to show 

affection and care. The entire holiday has been grossly exploited and blown completely out of 

proportion. You should love and admire your significant other on a daily basis. One holiday shouldn't 

determine how you act towards them. 

This year, along with all previous years, I didn't have a Valentine. Being away at college has helped 

me to forget some of the petty things that I thought were so important during my high school years, 

including having a guy to buy me sweet tokens on V-day. I didn't mind being without a Valentine, 

because honestly I was just thankful it was Friday. But to my surprise I awoke to find sweet notes, 

paper roses, and heart confetti decorating my desk, courtesy of my ever thoughtful roommate Rileigh. 

Then I was greeted by candy and home made Valentines from our home teachers, AND even more 

candy and sugar scrub from my other apartment-mate Katie. School was fantastic (only because it 

was Friday). Then to my complete surprise I go home to find roses lying on my bed from my best guy 

friend asking to be my Valentine. Also I found chocolate covered pretzels adding sweetness to my 

already laden desk. I then spent the evening at the movies with my bestie Rileigh, we saw Endless 

Love which was absolutely phenomenal, which was then followed by party dancing in our living 

room. One could say that I was completely devoid of "love" this Valentines. The mushy, gushy kind 

that couples proudly put on display for all of their Instagram followers and Facebook friends to see. 

But that person would be wrong. I was shown an immense outpouring of love from all my friends. 

Everyday I'm able to witness the love expressed between people, these little random acts of kindness 

that keeps us all happy. Happy to be loved. Service is the pure love of Christ and service is what I 

was shown. Although I didn't have a boyfriend this Valentine's, my stupendous friends and their little 

bits of service and love MORE than made up for it.


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