It was a normal Wednesday afternoon. I was just sitting in my International Studies Class happily pinning away, just trying to waste time until the professor arrived. Mr. Lamoreaux announced to the class that we had a guest speaker from China Horizons who wanted to speak to us concerning a very possible and exciting experience teaching abroad. He spoke of how we could go to China and teach english to chinese students. We would be there for four months living on campus (they are private boarding schools), eat their food, experience Chinese culture, have time to travel, and the best part of it all is that its only $925! The dream I had to travel abroad was becoming a very near reality. During class I once again pulled out my laptop but this time I wasn't on Pinterest; I was filling out my preliminary application to be a volunteer teacher in CHINA. Immediately after class I called my mom and told her the news.... Actually I told her I was engaged first so that I could let her down easy with China, I know I know. Im a great daughter :) At first she was a tad skeptical of me going so far for so long, she was afraid that I might get "hurt and abducted" (her words), but then in the course of the 15 minute phone call she had warmed up to the idea of me going while I'm young. Because NOW is the time to experience life and traveling and love. After college I'm going to be working and married and I definitely won't have the time or the money to travel and experience life outside of the US. So like my new life motto (why not?) I've decided to seize this opportunity and carpe diem all the way to China next Spring!


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