something that you're not....

Do you ever think you know someone? You think you know how they act and their intentions...Like I thought since we were hanging out everyday and you kept taking me on dates and we kept kissing and holding hands that it meant that you were going to officially ask me to be your girlfriend. But boy I was wrong. Never would I have thought that you were just using me to pass the time until your girl came home. How was I supposed to know that you were the cat and I was the mouse? That all you wanted was a plaything to keep you distracted from her absence? I get that I may not be the best prize, but you at least could have given me a heads up. I'm tired. So tired of being everyone's second choice. Their second option. Their plan B. My friends keep telling me that I deserve to be someone's priority and all they want. But I'm really starting to doubt that, because I keep coming in 2nd and I feel like that's all I'm destined for. To be somebody's back up plan.


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