Tips and Tricks from one FRESH out of college.

Dear fellow learners,

I’m writing this letter on behalf of incoming college freshmen. I just recently (as in last week) finished my first year of college, and I thought it would be wise to bequeath some of my knowledge and insider tips to all you youngsters. So here it goes…

  • Set time aside for your homework. I recommend the quiet floor of the library because you are practically forced into productivity. I had a big problem with procrastinating and am currently seeing a therapist to sort out that personal problem. But seriously don’t tell yourself that you’ll do it later, because later turns into the last week of the semester.

  •        Take notes while your professor is lecturing. You may think that lectures are just time for you to paint your nails and not absorb anything, but you would be wrong. Very wrong. Take advantage of the class and your professors’ insight and jot down notes in a notebook, or even better in the margins of your textbook.

  •           READ YOUR TEXTBOOK. You didn’t just spend $100+ for them to sit on the top shelf of your dresser and gather dust. Crack that baby open and take a gander! Learn it. Live it. Love it.

  •            Make the TA your new BFF. You know that guy that is getting paid to grade your assignments? Yep make friends with him and maybe he’ll even come over to your apartment for extra tutoring. Score. Hollaaa at my home boy Denver Nay.

  •            Keep an agenda. Write down assignment due dates, exam dates, presentation dates, and of course dinner dates.

And lastly:
  •            Keep your bedroom clean. It may not seem very important, but trust me when your room is cluttered so is your brain.

If you follow the above advice you are sure to succeed and survive your first year of college. And if you don’t follow it……well you’ll probably still survive.

Good luck freshmen,



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