May Favorites//

With the start of a new month (yes I know June started a week ago) I've decided to try something different. So drumroll please!..........Monthly Favorites! Yayy! I know you're all very excited to read this because, don't you want to know what I'm currently fawning over?? Well this month's favorites will be the makeup products that I was obsessed with all throughout May.

1) Shadow Insurance by Benefit Cosmetics- This is an amazing eyeshadow primer that keeps my shadow from creasing and pigmented all throughout the day! 
2) Mint Julips Lip Scrub by Lush Cosmetics- I love this lip scrub because it's sugary and minty and perfectly exfoliates my lips. The best part about this brand is that all the cosmetics are fresh and handmade!
3) Rogue Artist Intense in Pearly Violet by Makeup Forever- So the recent trend is bright lipsticks and I am definitely for on board with this fad. The purply color is bright, surprising and helps bring out the little bit of green in my eyes.
4) Noir Tease by Victoria's Secret- It's a great perfume for year-round use and is never over-whelming ,and it's really reasonably priced!
5) Watts Up by Benefit Cosmetics- A light champagne highlighter that is super versatile; I like to wear it on my cheekbones and on the inner corners of my eyes.
6) Hoola Bronzer by Benefit Cosmetics- So obviously I'm a bit obsessed with Benefit right now... this bronzer is a beautiful matte powder with no glitter or shimmer! It's perfect for contouring and great as a base crease eyeshadow!

So these were the favorites of this month, and I tag +Morgan Lamoreaux to do this post!


  1. I love all of your makeup choices, especially the benefit hoola!!!! Great post, I love hearing what other girls love!


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