The Fault in Our Stars: the extremely depressing and soul wrenching love story of two cancer ridden teens who find themselves through each other.

This movie is a must see for everyone. I know you'll ask, "But Hailey, why would I pay to bawl my eyes out and walk out post-movie emotionally drained?" Because dear readers, the story is much more than a tender love story. It is a story of defying the odds and taking charge of our own destinies.

The phrase, "The Fault in Our Stars" stems from the classic Shakespeare play, Julius Caesar. Cassius speaks to his friend Brutus and says, "The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, But in ourselves..." He is telling him that the fault can't be placed on the shoulders of our situation. Fate happens, but our reaction to our position is what really matters.

We hold the power in our lives to dictate what will become of us. We are underlings in the way that we victimize ourselves in a failing attempt to put the blame on something else. In this case, fate. We hold the reins to our life and choose how we steer it.

Sure we can blame the "stars" for what's happening to us, but that won't change it. We are all victims of circumstance, but it is how we react to and grow from these trials that really shape us.



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