the day of the dads//

First off let me just say, Happy Father's Day to the best Mom in the world! You are a gem among women and I love you with all of my beating heart.

My dad passed away 8 years ago, and since then my amazing mom has stepped in and filled the roles of financial and emotional supporter. My mom is the one that taught me about life and the trials and difficulties we face. She taught me that boys aren't always nice to you, and you have to find the one worth keeping. She taught me the importance of getting an education, and the value of doing something that you love. She taught me that no dream is too big, and that I can shoot for the stars, because she'll always be there to catch me.

She has a glowing personality and her bubbling humor aligns with mine seamlessly. She is the one to comfort me when things get rough and she’s always more than willing to lend a listening ear to hear my troubles, whether it’s about school, boys, or friends (and usually takes my side). She my bestest friend and the lady I hold closest to my heart. So here's looking at you momma.


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