el oh vee eee.

Love is a tricky thing. It can make you feel like you’re on the top 

of the world; soaring far above the clouds free of any concerns and

 worries. It feels infinite, as if there is no ending and there was 

no beginning, just a limitless existence. Some say that if the 

timing isn’t exactly perfect, then that little infinity can’t even 

be birthed into existence. But our little sliver of time was 

seamlessly aligned with the stars. We grabbed the moment and ran 

with it, unafraid of the consequences. Those short months were full 

of an immense amount of love, laughter and tears. I felt everything 

stronger and more powerfully than I ever had before. He taught me 

how to love again even if the affection wasn’t mirrored. So thank 

you for being my best heartbreak.


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