indulging in the finer things.

as of late I've been feeding into my artsy and creative side with scrapbooking, photography, hand-lettering and a bit of painting. there are very few things that I think I'm decent at, so when I find something that I (kinda) excel at, I'm obsessed. With my major change from communications to graphic design; my schedule is now full of art classes that I'm so excited to take. Unfortunately a majority of my fellow classmates will be art majors, so my sub-par talent is going to fall by the wayside. until then I shall indulge in my (slight) skill for watercolor and reap praises from my mother.

also thinking of making this my new blog logo, any thoughts?

xoxo hk.


  1. I did COMM in college! And now that I'm blogging and designing blogs, I SO wish I would have done graphic design at least as a minor :( Good luck to you! :)



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