July Favorites: my main homies.

As I was thinking about what genre of favorites I wanted to write about I figured people in my life would be the place to start. (please remember even if you're not listed I still love you lots).

July was a semi-rough month for me, so to have these lovely humans by my side through it all made it all the more sweeter.

So topping my list is obviously my fantastic (in every possible way) mother. I just love her to pieces! and her quirky text messages and failed use of "text lingo" and poor emoji choice always make me laugh.

next is my dear sweet piece of rye bread. Oh gosh how I adore her. I'm so grateful to have a friend like her to always text me and remind me that I'm loved and her countless letters are                                                                                                            always the highlight of my week.

and finally my amazing roommate Isabel. Thank the stars I decided to live with her this summer. She is so much fun to be with and it's a non-stop party when we're together. She never fails to laugh at my corny jokes and together we've masted the art of pilates. She is the quesadilla sister to my soul, and I have no idea how I'll survive in the fall without her.

a big thank you to everyone else who has positively impacted my life this sunny july. I love you all.


p.s. notice that I am completely incapable of smiling. kissy face forever.


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