heading black to school.

just kidding I'm actually wearing black to mourn the death of summer (just the warm weather). so I only had my great books class today and honestly an hour long lecture was way too long and taxing on my attention span. But we left the apartment a bit late and couldn't find the right parking lot so we were stuck parked probably close to 100 miles from our building and HAD TO RUN TO CLASS. just like old times. Then once inside my designated building I couldn't find my classroom, and by the time I did I had to awkwardly walk in with everyone staring at me. (oh hey there) and then we were berated by my professor for our insufficient learning habits. like I don't even know you brahhh...but my day ended on a good note with a 2 hour nap and a free snow cone. happy school days students. p.s. the first time we went out for pictures I totally forgot the memory card for my camera. good one hailey.

top: forever 21
jeans: american eagle
pack: target :
shoes: journeys


  1. You are so cute!!! Just found your blog and I love how personable you are! keep it up!


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