one last hurrah.

for our last summer fling before I leave to college, my family decided that we wanted to adventure to disneyland! sure I may in fact be nineteen years old, but for me the disney magic and happiness never dies, and is honestly irreplaceable. I was slightly hesitant to go on a friday and saturday; dreading that the lines would be never-ending and the summer heat unbearable (like the summer's first d-land trip) BUT to my complete astonishment and uncontainable joy, the lines were nearly nonexistent and the weather was beautifully mild! I'd like to believe that cali was giving me a sweet lil' good bye present. xoxo
driving at night>>>


a very rare picture of my little sis Skyler.

our love of all things disney is perfectly displayed in our facials expressions. I'm obviously the biggest fan.

the best way to end a night. SPRINKLES FOR DAYS.

gas is totally cheaper in cali.

the essentials. let it be known that I had to purchase a new pair of sunnies on this trip because i misplaced mine somewhere in the happiest place on earth. <insert my tears>

just my cup o' tea.
my favorite.

xoxo hails.


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    1. thanks! I just recently started to get hooked on photography!

  2. lovely pictures :)


  3. I love Disneyland :) I think it was great last place to adventure to! Have fun in college! It goes by quick!



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