fall-time favorites.

YAYYY! It's finally autumn and finally my favorite season! There's just something so nostalgic about fall-time that really resonates with my heart.  The cool crispness in the morning chill and the watery sunlight just makes me swoon. The kind of happy that this season brings to me is just incomparable!
and my fun fall-time favorites are as follows:

to do: BE OUTSIDE. The weather is so mild and perfect for a sweater. You don't have to worry about collapsing from heat-stroke and the chill won't bite through the cable knit! So far I've been able to carve pumpkins, sit in the rain, hot tub, and go for a motorcycle ride. I'm just so in love with the beauty that comes with the inescapable death of summer.

to drink: You think I'd say PSL (a pumpkin spice latte for all you non-basic girls) but I'm actually loving orange hot chocolate right now. If you've ever had the pleasure of devouring a Christmas chocolate orange, then you'll know it's the best thing created since Nutella. Now take that and melt it down into a cup of happiness, and you'll have a glorious mug of cocoa that I've been enjoying this season.

to do (inside edition): I'm a hard core fan of cuddling, & I'd like to believe that I am a professional baby spoon. I love hanging out and watching movies (Monsters University especially) and just snugglin' and relaxin'.

favorite t.v. shows: Hands down my go-to shows are Vampire Diaries and The Walking Dead, both which just started back up, which makes me so so giddy! Obviously the roommates and I sit and drool over Ian Somerhalder's body every Thursday night and on Sunday's contemplate how exactly we'd survive in a zombie apocalypse. On a random side note I took the "Which Character from TWD Are You?" and my thoughts were confirmed when I got Daryl, I'd totally be the last to die.

favorite apparel: leggings, always leggings. Thick sweaters. Knit beanies. Long sleeves. Fuzzy socks. Boots. Hoodies. Infinity scarves. Okay so really anything comfy and cozy will be apart of my wardrobe this autumn.

favorite colors: my color palette during this time of the year generally ranges from a mustard yellow to jet black. But mostly black. I really do try to throw some color into my outfits but I always find myself tending to stray back to my dark roots. Oh well.

favorite day: FRIYAY. Yes I'm perfectly aware that I've spelt it without the "d", but who actually needs "d" anyways? ok sorry inappropriate. But seriously Friday is the bomb because not only am I free of classes, and it's the weekend, but it's also the day the farmer's market comes to Rexburg! There's fresh produce, and mexican crazy corn, and karaoke, and macaroons, and a whole slew of pretty punkins! oh my it's all just so perfectly overwhelming.

Aren't these reasons enough to love Fall over all other seasons?
I'm pretty convincing.

xoxo hails.

beanie: bohme
sweater: H&M
top: target


  1. such a cute idea for ap ost and i love your sweater, ive been looking for one like that!

    1. thanks girlie! H&M, target, and Bohme always always have great winter wear!

  2. Love your outfit and I completely agree with loving fall for all those reasons! I hate that it's so short! :(

    Arica, xxo

  3. I love the color of that beanie! Give your photos such a Fall feel. Especially with that leaf! :)

    - MeYouandHayleyLarue.com


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