fires & friends & mallows.

For our first official FHE activity we decided to head out to Beaver Dick ( a little campsite along the edge of the Snake River) and have a bonfire and do a bit of bonding. Unfortunately not all of our bros were able to make it out due to homework and girlfriends, but we still love them dearly despite the fact they abandoned us. just kidding.  but really. So we started a fire. Actually our Eagle Scout Brothers had to start it because Rileigh and I are completely incapable of starting one without the help of a little gasoline. Next came the mallows. Last semester we had gone on a date to Beaver Dick and made s'mores and our dates had the ingenious idea of roasting a mallow and sandwiching it between two Keebler cookies. OH MY DELICIOUS. So we recreated those little beauties and had a ball. 
When our fire died down someone had the fantastic idea to tromp through the wilderness and do some "moonlight exploring". Okay exploring turned out to be us running and hiding between the pines because Jacob (big poppa) was chasing us and acting like a walker (you'll get this reference if you are a Walking Dead fan ). Then, in a flash of brilliance Alexana (my dear Canadian) and I thought to creep up on other camp-groups to try and scare them. While crouched behind an oversized tree-bush with Luke and Kristijan, we saw people approaching us with a flashlight. So my natural fight or flight instants kicked in and I turned around and started bolting for the car. *let it be known that the ground is uneven and a tad bit lumpy* In a moment of poor-judgment and no forethought I turned around to see if my comrades were on my tail, and then I felt it. 
The toe of my boot had gotten caught, on a root or a nook or maybe even a rabbit hole. It happened in slo-mo. As my body started to fall to the earth I threw my hands out to try and break my fall. My knees collided with the ground and I tucked my head down bracing myself for the impact. Deftly, I rolled thrice, got back up and kept running. Mind you I managed to keep my cellphone grasped in my hand throughout the whole ordeal. I owned that like a champ, and if that isn't enough proof that I'd survive the apocalypse, then I don't know what is.

the fire and my family. i love these fools.

xoxo hails.


  1. your explanation of that whole ordeal is way funnier than when I watched it happen! haha #youkillme


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